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Sinhala Arduino Tutorial 22 — LCD Display with 2 wires using I2C module

Library and other materials —… Fb Page — Fb Page — Instagram —… Xydder Labs — 077 1787375 arduino uno nano mega connect with lcd module 16*4 16*2 20*2 display green blue bit mode serial parallel modes i2c serial communication explained the best way in sinhala sinhalen electronics programming microcontroller mcu […]

Stepper Motors with Arduino — Controlling Bipolar & Unipolar stepper motors

Full Article with Code at https:// More projects at Today we will be working with stepper motors, a versatile yet often misunderstood electromechanical component used in a variety of devices. After examining how stepper motors work and what the difference is between a “Bipolar” and “Unipolar” stepper is I will show you how three […]

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